Arkansas Department of Workforce Services Childcare Technician in Little Rock, Arkansas

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Minimum 18 yrs. of age or older. Must pass background check and drug screen. Must have HS diploma or GED. Must have demonstrated ability and personal qualities to work well with children and adults.

Job duties include:

* Maintains professional appearance and composure

* Maintains a clean, organized, and inviting classroom environment

* Follows and directs developmentally appropriate curriculum monthly

* Follows daily classroom schedules while meeting the needs of the children

* Encourages and monitors habits of safety in handling work and play materials

* Encourages development of positive self-esteem in the children through positive techniques in behavior management

* Reads and tells stories to children, listen to children stories, leads songs, rhymes, games, fingerplays, supervises and participates in play, encourage correct method of washing hands, assist in toileting as needed, supervise nap time, and assumes total responsibility for well-being of the child

* Maintains all paper work (billing, goals, daily notes, food intake, etc.)

* Help children reach their FULL POTENTIAL